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Sat. June 30 at 8 PM:  POSSUMHAW- great bluegrass and folk

     PossumHaw is a dynamic, original, authentic bluegrass and folk quintet from Burlington, Vermont. Originally formed in 2004, the band has evolved to combine award-winning, evocative songwriting and singing with top-notch bluegrass instrumentation. On the stage, PossumHaw offers a genuine, energetic, and highly entertaining performance without gimmickry.

     The band is: Colby Crehan: lead vocals, guitar, piano; Stephen Waud: mandolin, vocals; Ryan Crehan: banjo, vocals, harmonica; Charley Eiseman: lead guitar, vocals; and Pat Melvin: upright bass, vocals.

    PossumHaw has produced three full-length albums: Fortune’s Name (2010), Madtom (2007) and Split-rail (2005). The band has appeared at the Champlain Valley Folk Festival, First Night Burlington, Higher Ground, the Long Trail Festival, and at venues throughout Vermont and Massachusetts.

    “Colby’s voice is front-porch real and otherwordly sweet...The voices of the men in the band blend well with each other and Colby, giving PossumHaw depth and variety to the sonic palette. Sweet New England bluegrass!” –Michael Devlin, Music Matters (on-line review).

     Check them out at


Sat. May 12 at 8 PM: MiCHELE CHOINIERE with her band

     Michele blends traditional Franco-American and Quebec folk songs, original compositions, jazz standards, and covers of well-known artists (e.g. Edith Piaf) backed up by her band, a group of some of Vermont’s best musicians including Will Patton on mandolin, David Gusakov on fiddle and Dono Schabner on guitar.

    Michele Choiniere was born into a musical Franco-American family in northern Vermont, and from an early age performed traditional Franco-American music with her father. In 1995, she began writing and composing her own songs and has performed to audiences throughout New England, Quebec and France. Her lyrics and music focus on nature, romance and social issues connected to being Franco-American.

    She has been featured on TV5 International's "Visions d'Amerique," which was broadcast to francophone nations worldwide, as well as on Vermont Public Television's "Rural Delivery" and has recorded an archival family collection of Franco-American music with her father. She is featured on the Smithsonian Folkways CD "Mademoiselle Voulez-Vous Danser: Franco-American music from the New England Borderlands."

    Among other accolades, Michele has appeared in concert at the American Folk Festival (Bangor), and will appear at this summer's Lowell Folk Festival, in Lowell, Massachusetts (July 23-25, 2010). She is a recognized 'master artist', having been awarded the prestigious and competitive Governor's Heritage Award in 2007. She is also a member of the Vermont Arts Council's American Masterpieces program, as well as a juried Arts Council performer and teaching artist.

    Will Patton, mandolinist and all around string wizard, is also well known for his fine bass playing. He draws a strong influence from jazz, Gypsy, and Brazilian music. David Gusakov's lifetime career as a violinist has ranged from classical, as a member of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra since 1973, to hard driving Bluegrass with Pine Island and Banjo Dan & The Midnight Plowboys. Dono Schabner was born in Germany, but grew up in Pennsylvania and Long Island, NY. He started playing professional guitar at age 12 with Italian wedding bands. At 17, he hit the road to play R&B around the US, Caribbean, and elsewhere.

    Find out more at


Sunday, April 29 at 3 PM


    Galway based contemporary folk/roots duo “Murray and Falkenau” have been performing together since 2009. Consisting of the instrumental talents of Anna Falkenau (fiddle and lead guitar) and the songwriting and lyrical capabilities of Ivan J. Murray (vocals and guitar) the duo distill the traditions of Irish and American styles into powerful yet subtle music making. To date the duo have toured consistently around Ireland, France, Germany and the U.S.A with recent highlight shows including the Galway Arts Festival 2011. They have also played shows in venues such as The Roisin Dubh, The Spirit Store and The Glen Arts Centre as well as a summer residency on Inisbofin in 2011.

    They recorded their debut album “The Leipzig Sessions” in Germany in 2010 and released it in May 2011 on their own label. It blends originally and traditional songs and tunes touching on Irish and American traditions. The CD contains four original compositions by Ivan Murray (Wake up the Neighbours, Song for Little Man, Riposte and Western Plains) and two from Anna Falkenau (The Leipzig Jigs 1 & 2 and Ivan’s Waltz) The remainder of the album is a mixture of Irish and American fiddle tunes.

     More can be found out about these performers at and


Sat. April 7 at 8 PM: ATLANTIC CROSSING: Celtic and maritime music

    For over 15 years, the Vermont band Atlantic Crossing has been thrilling concert audiences and contra-dancers with traditional songs and acoustic instrumental music from New England - music which has deep Celtic roots in the British Isles and in French & Maritime Canada - together with original compositions inspired by these traditions. A favorite group at the Music Box, they bring ballads as well as music to make you kick up your heels and dance.

     They have performed at concert venues and festivals all over the northeast as well as contra dances from Asheville, N.C. to San Fransisco, CA. Their four members include Viveka Fox on fiddle, bodhran, and djembe;

Tristan Henderson on mandolins, tenor banjo, feet and vocals; Rick Klein on guitar; and Peter MacFarlane on fiddle and low whistles. They all join in on vocals with wonderful harmonies.

    Since 2000 they have been listed on Vermont Arts Council's juried register of the state's best artists, and in 2007 their program exploring the history of the Champlain Valley through music earned them a designation of American Masterpiece Artists by the VAC and Vermont Folklife Center. They have 5 recordings to their name, and a further compilation of dance tunes is available on CD and as digital download. You can get a listen on their website:

     Come out and see them!


Sat. March 10 at 7:30 PM:  O’hAnleigh – Tom Hanley and Cindy Hill

    This Middlebury duo, O’hAnleigh, draws on their ancestral roots and diverse musical talent to entertain audiences with the lively and haunting rhythms of Irish America. Since 200, their dynamic multi-instrumental performances feature rich, fluid harmonies and an enormous playlist of classic ballads, rousing pub tunes, and original songs and tunes that have garnered noteworthy praise from fans and music critics the world over. O’hAnleigh’s performances pack in an impressive number of songs interspersed with bits of story and poetry that make our audiences laugh, cry, dance, and can’t stop clapping their hands and tapping their feet.

     Tom Hanley, is second-generation Irishman descended of immigrants from Counties Laois and Roscommon, performed with bar rock bands since the early 1970's. Cindy Hill’s ancestors hail from Counties Tyrone and Limerick. Her musical credentials range from school orchestra and chorus to a succession of party rock bands, and her interest in traditional Celtic music sprang from her long political activism in the Irish independence movement. Cindy brings a knowledge of Celtic mythology and legends to the band along with her multi-instrumental talents.

    Their vocal diversity is supported with a dazzling array of instruments including 6 and 12 string guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, bass, fiddle, tenor banjo, penny whistles, harmonica, bowed psaltery, dulcimer, autoharp, bodhrans, bones, spoons, and a whole assortment of other small percussion, much of it hand-made out of odd bits of things found in the garage to get just the right sound for a particular song.

    Listen to some of their music at, or better yet, come hear them live!


Sat. Feb 11 at 7:30 PM: THE SKY BLUE BOYS – Banjo Dan and his Bro’ Willy

    In Vermont, Dan and Willy Lindner, The Sky Blue Boys, have revived the tradition of two fellows with a mandolin and guitar, a musical teamwork built of habit, their voices fused in the special blend produced by kinship. They were called "brothers duets," and during the 1930s and ’40s it was the predominant format in country music, practiced by now-legendary teams of brothers on radio stations and stage shows throughout the countryside.

     The Lindner brothers have been singing and playing music together for such a long time that  their music blends together seamlessly. A brother duet show is a natural for them. They are well-known from their years of accomplished bluegrass music with the band Banjo Dan and the Mid-Nite Plowboys.  In their latest e-newsletter Dan writes:

    “First of all, I’d like to call your attention to The Sky Blue Boys’ website, www.skyblueboys. Willy and his wife Nancy have created a multi-media version of Willy’s wonderful song “Blue Ball (Path of Peace)” from his new CD Life, Still, With Mandolin and put it up on YouTube. Go to the web site and just click on the link where you see the “Stop Global Warming” image. You’re in for a musical and visual treat, but more than that I believe you’ll find the message of the song delivered with even greater impact.”

    They also bring storytelling, history and humor with them. Find out more about them at and listen to some of their tunes.


Sat. Jan. 28 at 7:30 PM:  LOVES IT!  All the way from Austin, Texas!

    Loves It! is Vaughn Walters and Jenny Parrott. They met in their adopted hometown of Austin, Texas five years ago. Walters is originally from West Virginia and grew up listening to folk, punk and honky tonk country music. Parrott comes from New Haven, Connecticut where she fell in love with soul, swing and gospel music. “We were best friends and then we fell into the big hole of love,” Parrott explains. “We’re both touring musicians and we were doing 150 or 200 shows a year on opposite schedules, and we decided to see where we could go doing our own thing.

    Walters sings and plays banjo and guitar, Parrott sings and plays guitar, mandolin and fiddle. As talented multi-instrumentalists, they were in-demand players in Austin’s wide-open music scene, but their personal and musical bond slowly drew them closer. They started writing together about a year ago, and the songs they composed became the foundation of their self-produced album YAY!

     They bridge the worlds of Folk, Country, Indie and Pop with their wide ranging sound and appealing stage presence. Listen to some of their tunes at


Saturday, Dec. 10 at 7:30 PM.

Flat Top Trio
    With a sound deeply rooted in the spirit of real country, mountain, and bluegrass music based around the heartbeat of a Flat Top Guitar, the Trio projects a sound that is unique and timeless. The Flat Top Trio has been delighting audiences around Northern Vermont performing their original songs and a range of covers from Traditional to John Prine. The band is currently working on releasing a follow up of there self titled EP with a full length album Weekend Musician while consistently maintaining a presence in the Vermont music scene. 

    Guitar and Dobro/Resophonic Guitar player Jeremy Sicely, is a native Vermonter and raised in a family of musicians dating back to the 1940's Sicely Orchestra. Jeremy has been involved with the Vermont Music scene since age 15 with the band Nigel Guy from Cabot Vermont who is featured on this years release of Area Code 802. Since then he has taken the musical ramble in the Burlington area and been a member of Rock n' Roll Sherpa, Lunar Railroad, and founding member of 2nd Agenda.
In 2003 Jeremy returned to his musical roots, picked up a Dobro, and helped form bluegrass group The Medicinals. and later linked up up with already well formed bluegrass outfit, Gold Town from Southern Vermont.
    In late 2009 a new project emerged featuring Jeremy on his hand me down 71' Martin D-28, Flat Top Trio, with long time friend and Bassist of Lunar Railroad, 2nd Agenda and The Medicinals Jeff Thompson and friend and neighbor Dave Ogrodowczyk (o grow dove chick) on the Mandolin and tenor vocals. This year they have put down 40 plus shows on including Bread and Butter Farm, Maplefest, Equine Arts Festival, and frequent stops at their favorite rooms, like Claire's, Parima, The Hub, Bees Knees and Moogs. The Trio is excited to have wrapped up an album recorded and mastered by Lane Gibson called Weekend Musician set to release in mid December.
    The Flat Top Trio includes:  Jeremy Sicely -Vocals,Guitar,Banjo,Dobro; Dave Ogrodowczyk -Vocals,Mandolin,Guitar; and Jeff Thompson on upright bass.

Sat. January 8, at 7 pm Dana and Susan Robinson

Two of our favorite performers return. Dana and Susan Robinson are two guitar-playing, banjo-frailing, fiddle-sawing, and harmony-singing interpreters of the American experience. Their unique blend of contemporary songwriting and traditional Appalachian music bring to their performances a deep understanding of America’s musical heritage.
They can make the audience howl with laughter or hush with poignant reflection as they take them on a journey across America and convey the mystery and wonder of the places they visit.
    Underpinning the songs is the undeniable rhythm of their trademark guitar/banjo sound. Whether it is quiet or driving, there is a steady and unrelenting groove to the music that supports the lyric and delivers the story in an effortless and magical way.
     A native of the Pacific Northwest, Dana relocated to New England where he discovered both a thriving songwriters scene and the deep well of traditional mountain music. In the early 1980’s, Dana settled in northern Vermont and built a house "off the grid" (no electricity and phone) on 30 acres near the Canadian border. There he founded a popular bakery, café and folk music venue. Dana launched into full-time touring after the release of his 1994 debut CD, Elemental Lullabye, and after receiving a request to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City for Putumayo’s Shelter benefit project.
    Sue grew up in a musical family in New England. She studied piano, oboe, and Scottish fiddle before meeting Dana in 2002. Sue was working in the environmental field in California when she met Dana at a house concert. Upon moving to North Carolina a short time thereafter, Sue launched into studying with many of the great oldtime musicians in the Asheville area, and naturally adapted to the on-the-road lifestyle.
Check them out at


Sat. Feb 19, at 7 pm, Howie Cantor
(Tickets $8 general, $5 students and senoirs)

Howie Cantor has been writing folk songs for 30 years. Also he is a performance artist and bass player with Bread & Puppet Theater and Deep Mountain Group. He has two CDs out, "Pieces Of Time" and "Stay On the Dirt," which unleash his wit, satire, political humor, and musical talent. Howie is also a storyteller in song and also between songs on stage. He has been looking hard at this world and gives it back to us in song. You can look him up at 
and and also on Facebook.


Sat. March 19th at 7:30 pm, Paul Asbell
(Tickets $10 general, $5 students and seniors)
Returning for another performance, Paul Asbell is one of the best guitaristsaround.
From his early years, playing blues on Chicago's South Side, to his present multi-faceted career based out of Northern Vermont, Paul has earned an underground reputation as a true "musician's musician." He has played and recorded with Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf, Lightnin' Hopkins, Otis Rush, Magic Sam, Earl Hooker, Lightnin' Slim, Paul Butterfield and many others.
He moved to Vermont in the heady "back-to-the-land" days of 1971. But he soon started playing with many artists including Rosalie Sorrells, Mary McCaslin and Bobby McFerrin. In 1981 he joined with others to form the Big Joe Burrell and the Unknown Blues Band.
Many venues have welcomed him. The last few years he has been receiving enthusiastic welcomes playing all-acoustic solo concerts in the Northeast, California and Nashville. His debut solo album, "Steel-String Americana" brings original twists to old-timey country-based themes. It is a knockout. 
In SEVEN DAYS magazine gave him the Best Musician of 2004 Award. Also, in 2004, he worked with Patti Casey in producing an album of old standard that Patti sings to his accompaniement entitled "Just an Old Sweet Song. "From blues, to standards, to jazz, to folk. This man is a wizard on the guitar. To find out more about him check out
And come see those fingers fly for $10.

Sat. April 9th at 8 pm, Linda Warnaar and the Tessellations 
(Tickets $10 general, $5 students and seniors) Linda Warnaar has been on the music scene in the Kingdom for quite a long while. Linda Warnaar's group Tessilations sings all original songs that blend Latin, jazz, and funk rhythms, with Micah Carbonneau on bass and other friends. They played at the St. Johnsbury First Night this past year. This group’s irresistible blend of world music is sure to help your spring fever. 
Linda is a great contemporary songwriter and Micah is one of the best bass players around. Linda has played with the Dave Keller Band and Cobalt Blue. You can find more about her at
Sat. May 21st at 8 pm, Tracy Wolters and Peter Miller 
(Tickets $10 general, $5 students and seniors
Tracy and Peter form an exciting duo with Tracy playing keyboards and guitar while Peter plays the fiddle. Joined by Tracy Wolters on piano, guitar and vocals, Professor Fairbanks can provide an exceptional music experience. These two musicians together play such a wide variety of songs that they can play equally well in jazz, fiddling, original music, folk tunes, latin, and funky styles, as well as lush beautiful romantic music. It's all good! 
New Englander Peter Fairbanks Miller started classical violin training in Boston at age 7. Early recognition of his exceptional musical abilities encouraged him to pursue a career in music. Peter came to peaceful rural Vermont in 1980 and earned a degree in environmental sciences at UVM. Peter's first performance at a wedding ceremony in 1986 won him respected membership in the Vermont entertainment community. Though he does teach, his stage name of "Professor Fairbanks" was adopted for fun. He is a master of the violin and related instruments, is accomplished in the styles of jazz, classical, rock, folk, and fiddling, and excels as an improvisational musician. He is also known for playing the 6-string electric violin.
You can catch a few of their tunes at
Sat. June 18th at 8 pm: Katie Trautz  
Katie Trautz will play with her Tall Boys Trio. The trio is formed with Katie on fiddle, Nate Wallace Gusakov on Banjo, and Michael Roberts on Guitar/Bass. They will be playing traditional music as well as performing music from the album ‘Remembering’, which won best traditional album of the year by the Times-Argus of Central Vermont.
Katie is a native Vermont fiddler who has toured across the country sharing traditional music and original folk songs. She has released three albums in the past three years, under different titles. She plays guitar and banjo as well, and crosses genres in her numerous ensembles including: Mayfly (, Wooden Dinosaur ( and the House Carpenters Stringband ( She is the director of the non-profit folk music school ‘The Summit School of Traditional Music and Culture’ based in Montpelier, VT.
Nate has been seen at the Music Box with his other group, Knotty Pine. Michael Roberts also performs with Wooden Dinosaur. Old-time meets new folk, music intertwined with haunting melodies and southern fiddle tunes, come hear them live at the Music Box.


Sat. July 16 at 8 PM  Cosa Buena: a Latin, jazz and world music quartet

Cosa Buena plays acoustic music with a gentle Latin-Jazz feel.
Cosa Buena's sound is quite romantic while at the same time being infused with exciting energy to warm the soul. This unique quartet weaves the fabric of many different cultures through its careful, creative, playful & artistic ensemble playing.
Jairo Sequeira, nylon string guitar & vocals
George Brooks, jazz harmonica
Peter Williams, upright bass
Lynda Schiller, heavenly vocals in many languages
Dov Michael Schiller, latin-world percussion & vocals
Find out more about them at
$10 general, $5 students and seniors


Sat. Aug. 13 at 8 PM Twist of the Wrist,European vocal and dance music

Twist of the Wrist, a long-time "musical labor of love" for this quartet of versatile Vermont musicians, specializes in sultry ballads and rousing instrumental music from northern Europe played on a wide variety of wind, stringed, and reed instruments. The band features Amity Baker, one of Vermont's great vocalists who sings like a soulful French country girl and woodwind powerhouse Barbara Wager – she rules on the soprano sax, along with accordion master Andy Homan, and musical jack-of-all-trades (and Vermont Public Radio DJ) Robert Resnik. Music for dancing bourees and for time-traveling! They also form VT’s greatest hurdy gurdy quartet!
Twist has been playing together for almost 8 years, and the four bandmates are all seasoned musicians. We have recently released our first CD. Some of the instruments we play include the hurdy gurdy, saxophones, melodeons, clarinet, whistles, crumhorn, recorder, guitar, and various percussion instruments. You can find them at along with videos on Youtube!
$10 general, $5 students and seniors

Sat. Sept. 10 at 8 PM Linda Warnaar and the Drumatics
The Drumatics are a seven women drumming group, playing  traditional rhythms from Cuba and Haiti. and,  Wait until you hear them sing.  Linda Warnaar has been teaching and performing with this group for many years now. Linda has been studying and performing latin percussion for 20 years including studying in cuba.  You may have heard linda on the guitar and voice, but now you can see the other side of her music, and her inspirations.  If you've had the chance to hear the Drumatics then you know it's a great sound and a great time,  and if you haven't, be sure to catch this show.  Plenty of inspiring listening and dancing for all.  

Tickets $10 general, $5 students and seniors

Sat. Oct. 22 at 8 PM Gregory Douglass

Gregory Douglass' evocative, alternative sound "channels everyone from Stevie Wonder to Fiona Apple in a way that's terrifyingly mature for someone so young" according to Instinct Magazine. With seven critically acclaimed, independent CDs under his belt, the 28-year old Vermont native has shared the stage with artists like They Might Be Giants, Shawn Colvin, The Weepies, Jason Mraz, Regina Spektor and Margaret Cho. Douglass is touring extensively in support of his latest release, BATTLER, featuring duets with friends and fellow Vermonters Grace Potter (Grace Potter & The Nocturnals/ Hollywood Records) and Anais Mitchell (Righteous Babe Records). Gregory is simply an amazing songwriter, musician and performer! A great chance to see him live!
"Douglass—with his gorgeous voice and poignant, piercing lyrics—burns with a fire that cannot be extinguished or ignored.
-B. Walker, Performing Songwriter Magazine
"BATTLER is one of the stronger singer-songwriter albums in recent memory."
-Anthony Jones, Edge Boston
"Douglass channels everyone from Stevie Wonder to Fiona Apple in a way that's terrifyingly mature for someone so young."
-Japhy Grant, Instinct Magazine
"Douglass remains one of the most refreshing performers on the scene."
-Gregg Shapiro, Chicago Free Press

• Featured on iTunes "Rising Stars" category in 2009.
• "Cathedrals" music video charting on LOGO TV's "Click List" Top 10 Video Countdown.
• Featured artist on "The Animal Album" benefit compilation, featuring Neko Case, Emmylou Harris & Cyndi Lauper.

Sat. Nov. 19 at 7:30 PM  Crowfoot: a Canadian and American group playing Celtic music
Crowfoot weaves musical influence from England, Ireland, Quebec and the Appalachian Mountains into a captivating fusion that delights dancers and listeners. Having cut their teeth on the contra dance circuit, Crowfoot has gained a reputation for their trancelike grooves, subtle interplay and unstoppable energy. For 5 years they have been playing across the US, Canada and the UK. They bring rich vocal harmonies, haunting ballads and finely crafted instrumental arrangements which complement their infectious energy. Their diversity of instrumentation allows for a wide palette of sound.
The group includes Nicholas Williams on Flutes, accordion, bodhran and vocals. He studied world music, composition, and improvisation at York University in Toronto. Jaige Trudel plays fiddle, cello and vocals. She began playing violin at 6 years, studying classical music for nine years when she discovered she had an affinity for Celtic music. Adam Broome plays guitar, cittern and vocals, he was raised in rural England to a life full of music, theater and dance. The group has three CD recordings.
This is a great opportunity for people in our area to see this band live!
Find out more about this group at and listen to some of their tunes!
$10 general, $5 students and seniors

Sat. June 30 at 8 PM:  POSSUMHAW- great bluegrass and folk

     PossumHaw is a dynamic, original, authentic bluegrass and folk quintet from Burlington, Vermont. Originally formed in 2004, the band has evolved to combine award-winning, evocative songwriting and singing with top-notch bluegrass instrumentation. On the stage, PossumHaw offers a genuine, energetic, and highly entertaining performance without gimmickry.

     The band is: Colby Crehan: lead vocals, guitar, piano; Stephen Waud: mandolin, vocals; Ryan Crehan: banjo, vocals, harmonica; Charley Eiseman: lead guitar, vocals; and Pat Melvin: upright bass, vocals.

    PossumHaw has produced three full-length albums: Fortune’s Name (2010), Madtom (2007) and Split-rail (2005). The band has appeared at the Champlain Valley Folk Festival, First Night Burlington, Higher Ground, the Long Trail Festival, and at venues throughout Vermont and Massachusetts.

    “Colby’s voice is front-porch real and otherwordly sweet...The voices of the men in the band blend well with each other and Colby, giving PossumHaw depth and variety to the sonic palette. Sweet New England bluegrass!” –Michael Devlin, Music Matters (on-line review).

     Check them out at


Sat. Aug. 18 at 8 PM : LAST OCTOBER

     A truly unique listening experience, Last October creates a musical journey that will deeply tug at your heart strings. Honing their crafts from different sides of the country, Erica Stroem and James Kinne came together through their sheer love and respect for music. With powerful harmonies, rich song writing, and passionate storytelling, Last October has found a distinctive way to interpret their rapidly evolving style. Impossible to ignore, Last October will capture your attention and leave you wanting more.
    Dan Bolles of Seven Days Magazine (reviewing their CD- Last October)writes: "Kinne and Stroem share more than an affinity for music. As Last October, they seem to share one mind. Or—cheese alert! — one soul. Like so many great male-female Americana duos, past and present — Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, etc. — they complement one another so much that it’s hard to envision one without the other. That’s not to say Last October are on par with those aforementioned greats. They aren’t — yet. But their debut is a stirring exposition of the power of intimate artistic collaboration, and is an undeniably enjoyable listen." Find out more about them at


Sat. Sept. 8. At 8 PM:           RIK PALERI and RIK BARRON

     Rik Palieri (Hinesburg) is a singer-songwriter performing both original and traditional songs on a variety of instruments, including banjo, guitar, mouth bow, Native American flute, and Polish  bagpipes. Rik is author of the book The Road Is My Mistress: Tales of a Roustabout Songster and producer of “The Song Writer’s Notebook “, a TV show which is now archived in the new
 Rik Palieri Collection in The Library of Congress. Rik has eight CDs and was recently featured on the Grammy nominated Singing Through The Hard Times: a tribute to Utah Phillips.  More about Rik Palieri can be found at
      St. John's, Newfoundland native, Rik Barron is an accomplished entertainer.  His rich baritone vocals compliment his extensive repertoire of folk songs and seashanties. A veteran whose unique vocal, guitar, mandolin and banjo styles have caught the attention of audience members and critics alike. He was once named Best Instrumentalist by the Newfoundland Folk Arts Council, nominated for Traditional Singer of the Year by the Canadian Folk Music Awards and has won three East Coast Music Awards for his Children's Music. A jack of all trades. Find more about him at
     Rik & Rik is a combination of talents you won’t want to miss.


Sat. Oct. 27 at 7:30 pm          The MICHELE FAY BAND

     The Michele Fay Band is a Vermont based, acoustic quartet that features original and roots music. Michele’s heart-felt lyrics are central to the ensemble, which brings forth a comfortable groove of folk, swing, and bluegrass-influenced songs that are woven seamlessly together. Michele sings with a clear, authentic voice accompanied by guitar and banjo, while her husband, Tim Price, adds ideal melodic instrumentals on mandolin and guitar. Classically trained Doug Reid (Slant Six Swing Band, Rick and the Ramblers) works his dazzling fiddle, and Michael Santosusso (Smokin’ Grass, Big Spike Bluegrass) provides tenor harmonies and drives a dynamic beat with upright bass.

      Michele was a finalist in the 2010 Solar Fest Singer/Songwriter showcase and winner of the 2010 Folk Cellar/Nick Fest songwriter's contest.
     Seven Days Magazine says of Michele's 2007 cd release: "… deft lyrical turns and gripping imagery…impressive storytelling abilities…a solid debut from a talented writer with highly capable musical gifts." And Art Edelstein from the Times Argus comments on her 2010 CD: "Smooth as a dollop of cream with your morning coffee…Fay has a knack for writing songs that are heartfelt without being too self-conscious."


Sat. Nov. 17 at 7:30 pm         SPENCER LEWIS

     The rich tone of Spencer's acoustic steel-stringed guitar, his trademark layered violin sound and his uncomplicated style of composition is what finds its way into the hearts of an ever-increasing and appreciative audience. There is an unpretentious quality to his music that is both compelling and soothing. Lewis' songs are a blend of classical, new-age, folk and country. His cross-flat-picked guitar combines the Carter Family's 'church -lick', Mississippi John Hurts fluid finger-picking, and Jack Elliott's interpretive style. Although all the music is produced with the meticulous detail of the recording studio, it's relaxed nature allows that it might have been played on the front porch of a cabin.
     Twenty years ago, Spencer Lewis wrote and recorded the music for his first album Weeding the Garden, a series of pastoral, instrumental guitar pieces, and the first release for his own independent label Quartz Recordings. It was produced in his home studio with an eight-track recorder he purchased from Will Wright's Rooster Records Studio that was located opposite Spencer's home on Route 12 in Barnard, Vermont. Inside the liner notes there was a special credit: "to Woody Guthrie whose simple star guides me on." Now, 18 titles later and over 130,000 units sold, it's that simplicity that is still the backbone of his recordings. You can find more about him at


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