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The Music Box Concerts are produced by the Friends of the Music Box, exness a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping live music alive in the Kingdom. You can be a member! Find out how by clicking on MEMBER.

The Music Box: What is it?
A work in progress!

The concerts are run by me, Lisa Sammet and some of her friends.  I bought the house October 26, 1999 and finished off the bottom floor as my living quarters. I am now working on finishing the rest of the building, and it already is useable for programs. I am doing this on a shoestring, mostly for pleasure and to promote the arts  in this area and have a space for live music and dance.

The first Music Box concert was held July 16, 2000 with my friends, Chris & Meredith Thompson performing as well as myself exness india. I wanted to kick off in 2000 because it was the Year of the Dragon and supposedly an auspicious time to start a new business!

A 501 C 3 Nonprofit Organization, The Friends of the Music Box, was formed in 2002. A number of people became members to help continue the concert series. Over the years members have voluntarily contributed more towards the series, though fundraising has never been done on a regular basis. The concerts are sustained by these contributions and the donation at the door.

Concerts (and other occasional events such as dance classes) are scheduled monthly but the dates vary depending on the performers schedule and my schedule. The space is available for rent, too.

For more information contact Lisa at themusicboxvt@yahoo.com or phone 802-586-7533 broker exness



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