Information for Musicians

Are you interested in Performing at the Music Box?

Currently, I am doing one concert each month. We do folk, jazz, bluegrass and country. Since the population of the North East Kingdom is small, doing more than one or two concerts each month isn't viable. As a result exness, I do not usually book the same performers twice in the same calendar year, and maybe not even within a two-year cycle. And I book ahead usually I have booked the next 6 to 8 months already. 

The space can seat 80 people with seating  in concert style. My average attendance is about 45 adults. The usual format is two sets of about 45 mins to an hour with an intermission when performers can sell merchandise. There are refreshments available with a donation basket available for them. All money from refreshments goes to The Music Box. 

People enjoy talking to each other and the performers exness trading. A table for you to sell your recordings will be available. The acoustics are so good that many performers choose to perform without a sound system or just a voice mike. There is a small house sound system with two voice mikes and the possibility of three other plug-ins. The worst problem is that performers tend to be too loud

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is the poorest area in Vermont. I want to encourage the local audience so I intend to keep my ticket prices low. I have been generally charging $10 general at the door with kids under 14 free.  The performers get 80% of the door and the Music Box gets 20% exness trade.

If you are still interested, please send your promo materials. I can use high resolution jpeg photos. Get me the bio of all your group members. Send me a link to your website. Send me your mailing address so I can mail you a contract. I do all the publicity. I try to cover all the bases- newspapers, radios, web calendars, e-mail lists. I put up posters everywhere. It is as important to the Music Box as it is to you that the concert is a success!

This is a sideline for me. I am the library director at the Jeudevine Memorial Library in Hardwick, and a musician/ storyteller myself, plus involved in many political campaigns. I am a busy person!  So, if I don't get back to you immediately, that is one reason.  If you are interested, e-mail me at or call 802-586-7533.



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